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Physical Training

Focused on Lifelong Movement & Becoming Your Own Teacher



My love of movement began at a young age with an obsession with dancing (I am not a dancer) and an appreciation for doing physically rigorous activities. As a child, I began playing tennis, and as a kid who struggled to put on muscle and weight, I unknowingly started my journey of finding new ways to achieve something even if all the odds seemed stacked against me. I learned to generate strength by using two hands on both sides, allowing me to match the speed and strength of my fellow competitors even though I was a wee thing. 

I began my professional journey in movement, health, and fitness as a result of studying and improving my own injuries, misalignments, and dedication to finding the exercises and lifestyle that worked best for me. I appreciate and value the importance of moving well and am always learning new ways to do this. I bring a focus on fun with a can-do attitude, helping my clients to move better and improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility in new and creative ways; as someone who values balance between motivation and patience, I strive to help my clients find the calm while training through breathwork and intention, helping them to learn to listen to their own bodies. With a background of training for competitive tennis matches throughout her childhood and kettlebell sport (Girevoy sport) competitions as an adult, I now enjoy a balance of a daily yoga practice, and any activity that brings me outdoors on a sunny day! I am an athlete on the international PlantBuilt team since 2017, a certified fitness trainer through ISSA, and a level 1 Precision Nutrition coach. 

Currently, I offer a limited schedule of virtual training through Self Liberation Strength and Conditioning.



Areas of expertise: movement, strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and variety of competition training, kettlebells, barbell

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