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Here is a collection of all of my released music, under both Silver Godling and my given name, as well as projects/artists to which I have contributed. 

View the photographic collaborations that come with the vinyl LPs Ravel and Witness, Unweave here and here, respectively. 


Full-length LP released November 12, 2021 by Strange Daisy Records. Vinyl + digital.



Cassette EP released September 24, 2021 by Strange Daisy Records. Companion tape to Witness, Unweave. Cassette + digital. 



Full-length LP released October 2020 by Gilead Media, Strange Daisy Records, and Howling Mine. Vinyl + digital. 

*Because this is a split release, each label has their own color variant. You can buy individually from Gilead Media, Strange Daisy Records, and the Howling Mine variant at Sisters in Christ

Silver Godling ST Cover.jpg


Self-titled full-length digital album released April 2019. Digital.



Thou collaborations

Please visit Thou's website to peruse their extensive, impressive discography. An incomplete list of albums and songs to which I have contributed can be found on this page on this site, including a playlist!



Single cover release of Robert Wyatt's gorgeous song "Just As You Are." Digital.



1 piece of music + 1 piece of writing once per month. Subscribers receive access as this experimental music and writing project unfolds and will receive a physical copy of both music and book of writings at the end of the project. This project is tied to my own work with a music therapist. Read more on this page. 

Edge of Seventeen Cover.jpeg


A truly intercontinental collaboration between Silver Godling (Emily McWillams, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.), Pedro Lopes (Cork, Ireland), Megan Mullins (Los Angeles, California, U.S.), and Jorge Loura (Aveiro, Portugal). Pedro had a dream that he and I (Emily/Silver Godling) made a very slow version of Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen." This started out as a fun way to collaborate across an ocean and turned into a four-person creation.Listen and donate here



Limited press 7″ with Alice in Chains cover plus the collaborative Bad Religion cover with Thou on the b-side. Nice, thick photograph booklets with work from Teddie Taylor. Plus an oversized silk screened wrap.Available only at Sisters in Christ here

Cover image_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Limited, exclusive cassette release on May Day 2022. Experimental, meditative, improvised piano album, honoring the in-between spaces. Available only through The Crystal Cabinet UK here

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