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13 Months

monthly sounds & scribbles

1 piece of music ~ 1 piece of writing ~ 1 time a month

This subscription project is closed. This project ran from December 2021-December 2022. 

The Short of It: Welcome to 13 Months, a monthly, subscription-based experimental music and expression project. Once a month, for 13 months, I will release 1 piece of music and 1 piece of writing describing my mental, emotional, sometimes musical process involved for each experiment. I decided to release this ever-evolving material under Silver Godling instead of my given name, Emily McWilliams, as Silver Godling has become my repository for all my creative things. 13 Months mostly involves a personal navigation of emotional processing and release by way of my own work in music therapy. Disclaimer: I am not a music therapist, but I see a music therapist. Most of these recordings are a result of that work.  

The Long of It, if You Wish! Beginning in December of 2021 and continuing through December 2022, I will release only to subscribers once a month a piece of recorded music along with words regarding that process. Sometimes, the piece of music will be a fully realized song, and other times, it'll be an exploration of sound, such as vocal toning to a synth drone. For the accompanying words, these will also vary depending on the purpose of the music exploration. Sometimes, they'll be journal- or blog-like while others may take the form of a story. This project might interest you if you like the process of things! However, please keep in mind that each piece of music that will appear here, digitally, is mostly unedited and unmixed. Each piece of music is both written and recorded in one sitting, sometimes taking 20 minutes, sometimes taking hours. The composing/musical navigation itself is largely undirected in that I do not sit down and notate; part of the emotional exploration of this kind of therapy and exploration is using my years of training and skill to allow my music to inhabit the emotional brain, and not the intellectual brain, and to surface and come out as it is, without revision or censorship (as much as possible). I will write more about this with the monthly releases. The only editing I did for any of it was within that one sitting and mostly involves making the reverb tail as long as is allowed. ​

At the end of this project, I will release a physical format, likely a cassette tape, that subscribers will receive (this will be mixed and mastered for the appropriate medium, for sound leveling and such). A zine or book(let) with the writings from the project will accompany the physical release. I have set this up for monthly payments, like a patreon, so if someone chooses to join months after the project has started, they will have access to the previous months' releases.

Thank you for perhaps joining me in this rather raw experiment! 

July & August 2022~Comfort Song & Emotive Flute

July & August 2022~Comfort Song & Emotive Flute

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These are little video/sound snippets I put together for both subscribers to announce each month's post as well as for non-subscribers to get a little taste of the project before subscribing! They first post to Instagram - @sg13months. 
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