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Madonna's Everywhere EP
Rain When I Die
Edge of Seventeen Cover
Witness, Unweave
Unwanted, Yet Familiar // May I
Silver Godling (S/T)
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For Witness, Unweave artwork collaboration, go here. For Ravel artwork collaboration, go here
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The Videos
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The News

New song for Bandcamp Friday, March 1, 2024 ~ The second iteration of an intercontinental collaboration between Silver Godling, Pedro Lopes (Ireland), Megan Mullins (Los Angeles), and Jorge Loura (Portugal), a very fun cover of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer," also known as "Sludgehammer." Pre-released to Bandcamp on Thursday, February 29, and streaming everywhere on March 1. Our first cover song was "Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks, released on March 4, 2022. 

Madonna's Everywhere, self-released on August 31, 2023, digital release on Bandcamp only. This EP includes two songs about my sister, Jenni, "Madonna Songs" and "Everywhere." Listen and buy here

Jenni, self-released on November 7, 2022, available in digital format in a limited edition clear cassette tape (30 available). This album is a tribute to my sister, Jenni Lynn McWilliams, who died of metastatic breast cancer on September 7, 2022, and is a musical reflection during the time immediately following her death. If you were a fan of Form in Flow, you might like this album. Read more about Jenni and the album here

Form in Flow, a new experimental, meditative, improvised piano album released under my name, Emily McWilliams, with The Crystal Cabinet in the UK. Beautiful, recycled lilac cassettes are sold out, but you can still buy the album digitally exclusively through The Crystal Cabinet's bandcamp here

EXCLUSIVE 7" available only at Sisters in Christ 7" featuring my cover of Alice In Chains' "Rain When I Die" and my collaborative cover of Bad Religion's "Kerosene" with Thou available only through New Orleans' Sisters in Christ record shoppe here. Endless thanks to Bryan for wanting to put this out! It's gorgeous and comes with a thick-papered photobook with many photos from my Ravel collab with Teddie Taylor as well as some others of hers thrown own, including the cover photo of the tree.

NEW SONG FOR BANDCAMP FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2022 ~ Across countries and continents, across texts and emails, through a hurricane, HERE is a truly intercontinental collaboration of a cover of a Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen." Pay what you want/can. I had a blast doing this with Pedro Lopes (Ireland), Megan Mullins (Los Angeles), and Jorge Loura (Portugal)!

New, unreleased song "A Whirl to the Mirror" is on Strange Daisy Record's artist compilation, Strange Sounds. This spacious, introspective song recorded on a sad, rainy day closes out the double-LP collection. Listen and purchaser/pre-order here

13 Months is my new monthly subscription project exploring music and expression. This is a product of my own work with a music therapist and features mostly unedited, one-session musical explorations, accompanied by writing about the process. Read more about it here, and subscribe if you like! This will run from December 2021 through December 2022. 

Witness, Unweave Out Now! Release Date: November 12, 2021

The vinyl and digital release of Witness, Unweave has arrived! Thanks to Strange Daisy Records for their support in bringing this to fruition. 

Witness, Unweave album release show with Ex Specter @ Gasa Gasa in the courtyard, December 4, 2021. Seated and intimate. Buy tickets here

Gambit New Orleans interview with Jake Clapp 

Thank you, Jake, for such an insightful and wonderful interview!

Second single "Frustrate" off Witness, Unweave streaming now. Watch the video directed by Derek Zimmer here! Or, you can watch on this page in the videos section.

First single "Descent to Heart" off Witness, Unweave streaming now. Watch the video directed by Mitch Wells here! Thank you to Marika Z. at New Noise Magazine for the video premier and interview

Watch the promo for the cassette EP Unwanted, Yet Familiar // May I, a prelude to Witness, Unweave here

Some Quarantine Releases

  • Silver Godling contributed arrangement, vocals, and piano to Thou's cover of "Kerosene" for a benefit for the Movement for Black Lives, Shut It Down. Released in September 2020. 

  • Silver Godling contributed "Molothrus," an oldie never before recorded, to raise money for a local New Orleans' icon needing a wheelchair/vehicle. Released February 2021, and comp still available here.

  • Silver Godling and Ex Specter contributed a cover of "Teardrop" to the New Orleans Community Print Shop's fundraiser. Listen and buy here! Released 2021. 

Ravel Out Now! Release date: October 9, 2020
The vinyl release of Ravel is now out! Many thanks to Gilead MediaStrange Daisy Records, and Howling Mine for making this happen.  

Pre-Orders for Ravel on Vinyl Available Now 8/7/20
Ravel will be joining the world on vinyl via Gilead MediaStrange Daisy Records, and Howling Mine. I will have a very limited number of 75 silver + white that are available for pre-order over on my Bandcamp. Each label will have their own special color variant; some are available for pre-order and some are not. The expected ship date is October 1, 2020. 

New album Ravel out 3/19/20 (digital)
Ravel is now available for purchase over on Bandcamp. Vinyl release pending. 

Virtual Home Concerts
Wednesday, April 15, 2020 on The Nerd Brainiacs Facebook group, Facebook Live, 6:30pm
Saturday, March 21, 2020 on The Nerd Brainiacs Facebook group, Facebook Live, 5:45pm

Just as all of my artist and self-employed friends are struggling financially during this pandemic, I, too have seen a nearly total halt in my income. In an effort to continue to pay my bills and to provide you with a little entertainment while you are inside, I am going to roll out some home concerts this week. If you are also without work or pay, please enjoy! If you are able, I ask that you donate. Thank you for you support!
Missed the live stream? Don't worry! Head over to the MUSIC page to watch! 
April 2020 Tour - CANCELLED 
I will be doing a collaborative tour with Ex Specter through Louisiana and Texas in April 2020. Ex Specter's music is chilling and gorgeous and I cannot wait to share the stage with them again in April. 
Silver Godling in the Gambit
Thank you to Alex Woodward for a wonderful chat and subsequent article. You can read it here
Silver Godling S/T in Antigravity
Thank you to William Archambeault Antigravity for the review of the 2019 S/T release! Check it out here

ROADBURN with MJ Guider and Thou
April 11-14, 2019, I had the pleasure of joining MJ Guider and Thou at the amazing Roadburn Festival in Tillburg, Netherlands. We did a short stint of some northeast dates prior to going overseas. Thou was the artist-in-residence for Roadburn and played four sets, including the quiet set from Inconsolable, an album I had the honor of helping to create. 

Touring with MJ Guider and Thou, November-December 2018
I had the opportunity to tour with MJ Guider and Thou through the Midwest and west coast for three weeks in fall 2018. 

The Performances



11/10/23 - with OKAPI and Helen Gillet, Gasa Gasa, New Orleans

4/25/23 - with Sharks Teeth, Kid Charleroi, Gasa Gasa, New Orleans

11/12/22 - with Lingua Ignota, Gasa Gasa, New Orleans

9/3/22 - with Marissa Nadler, Gasa Gasa, New Orleans

4/18/22 - with LEYA and Rhelm, Gasa Gasa, New Orleans

2/18/22 - with Laura Fisher and Nhktar, Hotel Peter & Paul, New Orleans

12/4/21 - Silver Godling Witness, Unweave album release show, with Ex Specter, at Gasa Gasa, New Orleans - SOLD OUT

4/15/20 - Living Room Series, New Orleans

3/21/20 - Living Room Series, New Orleans

12/21/19 - Silver Godling collab set with Ex Specter. With Treadles and Pile at Gasa Gasa, New Orleans 
12/3/19 - with Bride and Ex Specter at The Starlight, New Orleans 

11/8/19 - guest musician on Ex Specter set, with Palm Sunday and Sharks’ Teeth at One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans 

9/26/19 - with Mosquito Eater, Bruisey Peets, and Ex Specter at the Mudlark, New Orleans 

4/7/18 - with Soft Kill, Choir Boy, and Trashlight at Gasa Gasa, New Orleans 
7/22/17 - with Thou, False, Moloch and Cloud Rat at First Unitarian Church, New Orleans 

4/19/16 - with True Widow and Slimy Member at Gasa Gasa, New Orleans 

11/13/15 - with Florist, Hello Shark, and Ex Specter at Gasa Gasa/Sisters in Christ, New Orleans 

9/26/15 - with Lovey Dovies and Donovon Wolfington st Howlin Wolf Den, New Orleans

5/6/15 - guest musician with Thou, with Sleep at the Civic Theater, New Orleans 

11/1-11/2/14 - guest musician on No Idea Fest Thou Florida tour

8/13/14 - with Ex-Breathers and Adults at the Mudlark, New Orleans 

5/3/14 - Not Enough Fest at Red House, New Orleans

Below dates with MJ Guider and Thou:
4/14/19 - Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands with Thou and MJ Guider
4/9/19 - Baltimore at Metro Gallery with Thou, The Rememberables, MJ Guider
4/8/19 - Philadelphia at PhilaMOCA with Thou, Screaming Females, MJ Guider
4/7/19 - NYC at Brooklyn Bazaar with Thou, Emma Ruth Rundle, MJ Guider
4/6/19 - Providence at AS220 with Thou, Emma Ruth Rundle, Gertrude Atherton, MJ Guider
12/17/18 - Austin at Lost Well with Thou, Die Young, Private Service, MJ Guider
12/16/18 - San Antonio at Limelight with Thou, Amygdala, MJ Guider
12/15/18 - Santa Fe at The Cave with Thou, Lilith, MJ Guider
12/14/18 - Phoenix at Cricket Pavilion/Wall Street with Thou, Lana Del Rabies, Ceremented, MJ Guider
12/13/18 - San Diego at Che Cafe with Thou, Miserable, MJ Guider
12/12/18 - Los Angeles at Union with Thou, Miserable, Whelm, MJ Guider
12/11/18 - Oakland at Starline Social Club with Thou, Gayphextwin, Cell Rot, MJ Guider
12/11/18 - Oakland at 1234Go! matinee with Thou, Try the Pie, MJ Guider
12/10/18 - San Francisco at Balboa Theatre with Thou, Spellling, MJ Guider
12/9/18 - Eureka at Sirens Song with Thou, Mars, Cissies, MJ Guider
12/8/18 - Salem at Burial Grounds with Thou, Hell, MJ Guider
12/7/18 - Portland at High Water Mark matinee with Thou, MJ Guider
12/6/18 - Anacortes at Kennelly Keys with Thou, Mara, MJ Guider
12/5/18 - Seattle at Vera Project with Thou, MJ Guider
12/4/18 - Portland at Tonic with Thou, Blackwater Holylight, MJ Guider
12/3/18 - Boise at Bump Magazine with Thou, Tispur, Throes, MJ Guider
12/2/18 - Salt Lake City at Diabolical Records with Thou, 2-Headed Whale, Durian Durian, MJ Guider
12/1/18 - Laramie at Great Untamed with Thou, Euth, Lingua Ignota, Many Blessings, MJ Guider
12/1/18 - Denver at Nude City Relief Center matinee with Thou, Lingua Ignota,  MJ Guider
11/30/18 - Denver at Syntax Physic Opera with Thou, Lingua Ignota, Blood Incantation, MJ Guider
11/29/18 - Dallas at RBC with Thou, Mass Exhibit, Akkolyte, MJ Guider
8/31/18 - New Orleans at Defend New Orleans with Thou, MJ Guider

The Performances
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