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Apart from the concept albums released under Silver Godling, I also compose, arrange, and collaborate under my given name.


Collaborations with metal band Thou began in 2007, many of which you can view and hear on this page. In 2018, I toured with both Thou and MJ Guider. 

For artwork collaborations, visit here for Witness, Unweave collaboration with Craig Mulcahy and here for Ravel collaboration with Teddie Taylor


Released May Day 2022, Form in Flow is an improvisational, meditative, experimental piano release. This is an exclusive release on the UK boutique label The Crystal Cabinet with a limited run of 30 cassette tapes made in the UK and distributed by the UK. This release is under Emily McWilliams. *Cassette is sold out, but you can still buy the digital album. It is only available through The Crystal Cabinet's bandcamp here

Standalone Collaborations

Here is a list with links to standalone songs or projects of which I have been a part. 

~ Silver Godling with Pedro Lopes, Megan Mullins, Jorge Loura ~ "Edge of Seventeen"


~ Eric Klerks feat. Emily McWilliams ~ "Just as You Are"

Collaborations with Thou

I have arranged and composed bits and pieces for most of Thou's releases, blending in piano, vocals, brass, and strings. Here is a list and playlist of many of the pieces to which I have contributed over the years. 

The Helm of Sorrow, Sacred Bones, 2021

Magus, Sacred Bones, 2018

Inconsolable, Community Records, 2018

Rhea Sylvia, Deathwish, 2018

I Have Become Your Pupil, Get Better Records, split with Hirs, 2018

Heathen, Howling Mine, 2018

Archer and the Owl, Robotic Empire, 2011

Summit, Southern Lord, 2010

Our Enemy Civilization, Vendetta Records, split with Salome, 2009

We Pass Like Night from Land to Land, Woodsmoke, split with Leech, 2008

Collaborations with Thou
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