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Piano Tuning & Repair

Providing piano tuning, repair, and evaluation services to residences, businesses, schools, and churches. Residential pianos should be tuned 1-2 times per year as regular maintenance. 

Quotes and appointments available by request

Private Piano Lessons

Offering a variety of styles for most ages with a focus on beginning classical training. 

Pricing available upon request. Read the studio policies here


My goal as a teacher is to act as a guide for helping students find their confidence through music. Music is experienced in a sensory way, and whereas the intellectual component for learning to play an instrument is necessary, the sensory is often overlooked in traditional instrument study. My hope is to help bring the two together for a full, long-lasting understanding of and love for music.

Caring for Your Acoustic Piano
How often should I tune my piano? 

If you live in a home with central air and heat that is relatively climate controlled, an annual or every-6-month tuning schedule is sufficient. 

If you have more specialized circumstances, such as using your piano to record or to play with other instruments, you may wish to tune more frequently, such as every 2-3 months. 

If your piano is part of institutional use such as in a school or church, you will have a frequent tuning schedule set up to your specific needs. 

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