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As the owner and operator of EJM Pianos, LLC, my love of the piano began at the age of 7 when I started piano lessons with Mrs. Lynn Celestin. I studied piano through my undergraduate studies at Loyola University New Orleans and currently perform with a variety of ensembles and bands. 


I am fortunate to have a top concert piano technician as a father and hope to continue the incredible business he has built since the 1970s. In addition to apprenticing with my father, I am a graduate of the Piano Technician Academy and a Certified Piano Technician. I managed the Steinway & Sons piano store in Louisiana from 2014 until 2018.


When I am not tuning pianos or teaching piano lessons, I compose, record, and release music under the moniker Silver Godling as well as collaborate with and arrange for other musicians under my given name.

I am a certified fitness instructor and nutrition coach, with a past of competitive sports and strength training and with a current focus on body exploration for a more rewarding, emotionally healthy life via the body. 


I also enjoy reading and writing fiction, doing yoga, taking bike rides and being outdoors, and spending time with my partner and rescue pup Amelie Margaret. 

-Emily McWilliams 

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